Letter from the Dreamer

Hello. You can call me Dreamer. A Dreamer. The Dreamer, in this corner of the world. I write. It’s what I do. Oh, of course, I do other things. But writing has always been the most important one. Writing is important. It was always important.

Then there’s Nya. I met her quite by accident. She popped into my head, uninvited, like most people — and stories — do. Then she took shape. Slowly. Timidly at times. Then she became self-aware. Maybe there’s a point to all this, maybe there’s not. Maybe this will be a bust. But it will be something. I cannot afford for it not to be.

She’s here. She exists, somewhere. Where all stories do — in their own realities. Our entire lives are stories, at least, to someone else. Maybe even to ourselves. Some bleed into our world, some never do. Some touch our lives, and some don’t. Some entertain, some enrich.

This is her story. This is my story.

It’s just, I’ll let her tell it herself. Let her tell her own stories. Maybe there will be others, too, to tell their own personal stories, their own worlds and hopes and dreams.

For now, we have Nya. Her full name is Nyala Olivia Saëns, though she only signs it Nya. Ever since she was little, Nya had a particular fondness for books and writing. I know this, because she told me. In that, she’s very much like me, which is likely why she chose me.

Characters, often enough, choose their writers; not always the opposite. The good ones, at least, have minds of their own. They’re like people that way, even when they are not actually people (or even human at all).

This site belongs to her. This is where she will explore herself, her skills and interests, hopes and dreams.
I hope you enjoy it, as much as I do.