The foundation of a young author’s dream

The foundation of a young author's dream

Hello, and welcome to! This is a dreamer. The Dreamer, I guess, in this corner of the world. My foundation, if you will. I am here to sell you a dream. Yes. Sell. A dream. Yet, you won’t have to pay a single dollar (or currency of choice; locality doesn’t matter when it comes to free stuff, right?). This is the foundation of a dream. In specific, this young (and not so young) author’s dream.

My dream is simple. I want to write. I want to give voice to the multitude of people inside of me. I want to create entire worlds. Paint you a few pictures in words — of places that do not, or may, exist. People with their own hopes, dreams, expectations, desperations. Worlds with their own problems, issues, and wonders. People who play and laugh and cry. And I want to do all this for you. For free.

Nya Saëns is a person, a foundation, a name for this dream. It might be this name will change. It might be it won’t. We will see, in due time. For now, that is the name I’ve given to my dream.

Nya is a character. She has a name and a history of her own, one that, she’s revealing to me, bit by bit.

They are our children, but they are also us, to some extent. The whole of us we may never be, but that are there. Some are dark; some, light. Some shine brighter than us; others are darker than we’d ever be.

This site is the process of character creation live, in motion: as we progress, as we explore, we learn. We create. Together.

It is also the foundation of my dream. My camp of operations, from which I will launch my work. And it is my work — but it is also hers. The other me that inhabits these pages.

Here, you will find a few things. You’ll find writing advice. You’ll find book, film and tv reviews. You will find a character (Nya herself). You will also find my (or rather, our) published stories — all available for free. You will find places to buy them, if you so desire, to help me in my dream.

There will be many things a-comin’.

I hope you enjoy.

Daima mbele,

The Dreamer.

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